Sermons on Luke

Sermons on Luke

Tree Climber

Zacchaeus climbs a tree simply to view Jesus, and then ends up calling Jesus “Lord” and declares he will give many of his possessions to the poor. Looking carefully at this story we learn Zacchaeus had quite the radical conversion. And Jesus offers a salvation opportunity to all people still today.

What Did the Disciples Find In the Tomb?

Luke 24:36-43 is our starting point.  Jesus suddenly appears to the disciples even though the door was locked.  Thus we ask, “What was the nature of the resurrection?”  In consideration, we will look at ancient Jewish burial practice, what the disciples saw in the tomb, and even compare the resurrection of Lazarus with the resurrection of Jesus. Verses studied: John…

Night Hike

Two disciples of Jesus, one named Cleopas, walked from Jerusalem to Emmaus. They think Jesus is still dead, yet He is alive. Once Jesus who was resurrected is revealed to them, these two disciples go from being distraught to being elated. And their response shows their determination to tell others that Jesus is risen. Their witness can encourage us to take certain risks,…
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