Sermons by Hunter Irvine

Sermons by Hunter Irvine

I love carrying out my passion for teaching and preaching at Beecher Island Sunday School.  I have followed Jesus for over 28 years, and He has been faithful to me. I earned a second B.A. in Youth Ministry from the Christ-centered, academic, and interdenominational Colorado Christian University graduating summa cum laude. And I am a proud graduate of Virginia Tech. I have served three times as a youth pastor, and I have served doing college ministry work. I enjoy writing, walking, and socializing. My two long standing dreams are to continue to do ministry work, and to one day be married.


Cannot Keep a Secret

In Mark 1: 40-45, Jesus heals a man of leprosy. Then Jesus instructs the man to be obedient to Leviticus 14 and to present the proper animals for sacrifice to the priest. Also Jesus tells the man not to tell anyone about the healing. Questions are answered here. Why does Jesus have the man keep that secret? What does the man end up doing? And what is the lesson for us?

Tree Climber

Zacchaeus climbs a tree simply to view Jesus, and then ends up calling Jesus “Lord” and declares he will give many of his possessions to the poor. Looking carefully at this story we learn Zacchaeus had quite the radical conversion. And Jesus offers a salvation opportunity to all people still today.