Joy In Christ – Part 2

Joy In Christ – Part 2

Jesus ascended into heaven. Why did He leave people alone after only 33 years in this world, and only 40 days after His resurrection? He did not leave us alone, as He taught, and He will return!  We will learn from Acts 1:4-11.

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  1. Hunter Irvine

    Realizing the day before the sermon that covering the Holy Spirit and the second coming of Christ was too much, I made the wise move to focus on the Holy Spirit. Maybe one day down the road I will discuss the second coming of Christ in a Sunday school, which seems more appropriate, if people are interested.
    I do state here we can be joyful that one day Jesus will return, just as the angels proclaimed as recorded in this passage of Acts. No person knows when He will return. And details are disputed by various Christians. Yet Jesus will return!

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